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Plenty of people take great care of their bodies but suffer terribly from poor mental health. Others were mentally and emotionally sound, but the deterioration of their physical health has left them bitter and wanting. Some people get everything they ever wanted but at the expense of those closest to them.

You may be well developed in some of life’s domains. But leave one aspect unattended, and wellness will collapse.

Wellness coaching incorporates all the isolated aspects that make up human life. Approaching them as a meaningful whole. This is the path to peak fulfillment.

Maximize your potential by developing all aspects of your life. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relational, Spiritual, Moral, etc. 

Find Passion, Connection, Meaning and Purpose through Growth and Contribution.


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Are you looking to…

  • Optimize your health.
  • Boost your self-esteem.
  • Master your emotions.
  • Build deeper & stronger relationships.
  • Find passion & purpose.
  • Fill your life with meaning.
  • Strengthen and expand your awareness.
  • Contribute to something greater than yourself.

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What to expect…

Establish specific aims for each of the different areas that make up individual wellness. Break down each goal into simple processes that form a strategy. Learn new practices, skills, models, and concepts weekly. Execute the strategy and make habits of the practices and skills. Reflect to make adjustments and overcome barriers. Reach your wellness goals and establish the capacity to set and achieve new ones on your own.


Set goals

Analyse your current life circumstance to identify your wellness goals.


Create strategies

Break down each goal into simple processes.

Build practices

Make habits out of the behaviours & skills relevant to each process.

Reflect & adjust

Frequently reflect and make adjustments to overcome barriers.

Tom Lyons

My Story

Very early in my life, I made a pivotal discovery. Every action, word or thought in existence, seemed an attempt to move away from suffering and towards pleasure. It struck me as odd that few people seemed willing to acknowledge this.

Some spend their entire lives following this principle with no awareness of it at all. A lack of awareness that leads to…


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