This is Dylan.

He freed himself from 20KG’s.

But more importantly… He was freed from his old self.

“I can’t remember myself ever being that big. I feel like a new person. It’s crazy”

The truth is… he IS a new person. In this, lies the secret to holistic weight loss. Dylan didn’t just eat right and exercise.

He changed his entire outlook on life. By changing who he was, the weight began to drop off him.

Most people think weight loss is about eating right and exercising. But most people who lose weight, soon put it back on. 

If you want to lose weight and keep it off. You have to address ALL the elements that make up your life.

Weight gain is NOT your fault. But it is YOUR responsibility to heal from it.






Holistic Weight Loss Mentoring

Join me as I guide you step by step through a Physical, Mental, Emotional & Consciousness approach to weight-loss.

Only pay for the weight you lose, when you lose it!
First 2KGs Free!

What Should I Expect?

My holistic weight loss mentoring takes a unique approach to weight loss.

Rather than focusing on exercise and diet like conventional programmes.
We focus heavily on the interconnectivity and inseparability of ALL lifestyle factors…


Physically Peaked

Energy like nothing before.

Deeper sleeps.

Sharpened Awareness.

Increased productivity.

Healthy food choices.

Longer Life.

Injury & Sickness Prevented

“Energy and health dictate your ability to navigate reality”

Iron Mindset

Overflowing Wisdom.

Empowered Belief System.

Heightened creativity.

Calm Mind.

Unwavering Confidence.

Meteoric Momentum.  

Use words to shape your reality.

Self defined.

“The human mind is the most powerful tool on the planet”


Emotional Mastery

Acute Emotional awareness.

Healthy Emotional states.

Intensified connection with bodily sensations.

Eliminated Anxiety.

Regulated Stress.

Steadfast resilience.

Released frustration.


Expanded Consciousness

Deepened Flow.

Present moment acceptance.

Towering Gratitude.

Purpose & meaning.

Free from conditioning.

Euphoric love states.

‘There’s a shift taking place. Your time is now.

About Me

There comes a moment in the self-transformation journey. When one realizes the reason for their journey is to enable others to experience the same transformation.

After high school, my peers began focusing outward on career, relationships, and money. Fortunately for myself, I had stumbled upon a few different experiences that had led me to go within and seek radical inner transformation.

I spent my first year in the real world at university, but it wasn’t long before I realised that it suffered from the same limitations as high school and all other traditional education systems. A system that worked perfectly in the past, but simply didn’t fit our current paradigm.

I began my own search for a more fulfilling existence and soon discovered I could leverage alternative learning resources and practices to experience growth at a rate far superior to any mainstream systems.

For 5 years I became obsessed with bodybuilding. Over that period I developed a terrible relationship with food. My weight was all over the place and my appetite was horrific.

I soon discovered that the gym lifestyle wasn’t going to provide me with everything I had once thought. I decided to move on in life. The weights stayed in the gym, but my eating habits followed me around like a stray dog.

I experienced the emotional rollercoaster of binge eating. All the destructive self-talk, split desires and painful emotions that accompany it.  It hurts, and it will continue to eat away at your life if you don’t take action.

I battled with this poor relationship with food and body dysmorphia for many years. I tried every approach I could find, but nothing worked. I always defaulted back to my old eating patterns.   

Eventually, I discovered a relationship between all the problems in my life. I began to put my life back together, piece by piece. Addressing every issue I could uncover.  I was shocked to discover that even the most seemingly irrelevant problems had obscure impacts on my binge eating.

It was only through a holistic approach that I finally healed from it. 

As a society, we haven’t grasped that all our problems in life are interconnected and inseparable. To address one problem, we must address all the other, seemingly unrelated problems in our life.

The only way to truly heal from something is put your entire life in order. 

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“Tom’s course changed my life!

I found strength, peace & belief where before I experienced doubt, questioning, and struggle.
With Tom’s guidance I became more active, I overcame emotional eating & I feel beautiful in my skin.

Tom’s smart worksheet & daily messages taught me to track my negative emotions and thoughts, preventing them from further controlling me. His exercises enabled me to tackle my misery and with the weekly meetings I finally cut it off.

I experienced a transformation.

I can truly say that I now feel happy & comfortable in myself with a before unknown calmness & gratitude to enjoy daily life.

People around me have noticed the change and some even asked me my secret, to which my answer was Tom.

Ladies get into gear, we need ourselves in the best state possible for the times that lay ahead. Tom has coached me into this state. I feel empowered and ready to take on my life through new eyes.”

Experience A Unique Payment Model

$40 Per KG - First 2KGs Free!

Only pay for the weight you actually lose!

Receive your first 2 KGs free to offset water and carbohydrate stores.

Make a simple payment after each KG you lose. 

Deal expires








What should I expect?

You may feel that your weight gain is just the product of laziness, a lack of motivation or boredom. But when we take a deeper look, the truth comes forth. Life is difficult and complex, and we will do anything that helps us escape for a moment. Overeating is a popular fix to a misunderstood problem.

You can lose weight following a strict eating and training regime. But you’re still left with the problems that caused the weight gain in the first place. You aren’t a new person. Just the same mind and soul in a foreign body. A new body, that once seemed like the answer.

Most people who lose weight put it back on.

 The holistic approach focuses on healing the pain we are running from. Digging into emotions, thoughts, beliefs, relationships, environment, consciousness & much more.

 Payment is made per KG. Only pay for the weight you lose, once you’ve lost it.

My holistic weight loss mentoring takes a unique approach to weight loss. Rather than focusing on exercise and diet like conventional programmes. We focus heavily on the interconnectivity and inseparability of ALL lifestyle factors.

Yes, the primary outcome of the experience is weight loss. However, this will simply be a by-product of the lifestyle shift you experience.

Humans are creatures of habit. Simply jumping on a diet and losing weight will not change anything. In a few months time, you will put the weight back on because you never laid the foundations for lasting change. This creates a dangerous yo-yo effect. Often resulting in additional weight gain over time. Leaving you in worse condition than before you began battling with strict dieting and exercise regimes.

Exercise and diet are only two of the many factors that are addressed during our time working together. Other elements include – relationships, environment, beliefs, sleep, stress, anxiety, self-awareness, biology, past experiences, thoughts, emotions, and many more.

These factors make up the foundation necessary for an entire lifestyle shift. All the changes you create during the course will become part of your New Self.

This program exists as a client / mentor relationship. During the week, the client will take action on all the necessary steps decided and agreed upon by the client and mentor. Accompanied by a weekly client and mentor meeting for 1 hour. Allowing time to reflect on progress, address difficulties that may arise, adjust the program as necessary, set goals, create plans, educate in the appropriate fields, discuss sustainability and maintain accountability.

Nothing within this course is complex or difficult to understand. All the information you receive is simple, bite-sized and easily digestible. 

One of the many unique aspects of this course is its special pricing model. During the course, you will only be charged for the weight you actually lose. Plus receiving your first 2KG’s free to compensate for the water and carbohydrate weight you will lose within the first week or so. After then, each additional KG lost costs $40.

This is an offer where the only cost will come from not signing up; a cost that will continue to increase over time.

Who is this experience for?

– Those who don’t want to waste years spinning their wheels with strict dieting and unrealistic exercise regimes. 

– Anyone looking to become their highest self. 

-People who have come to the realisation that weight gain is about much more than just food and exercise.

– Longtime dieters who haven’t achieved the results they deserve.

– People who have lost weight, but always put it back on. 

– Those looking to shift to a more harmonious way of existence. 

– People looking for a permanent change, not quick fix junkies.

This experience is certainly not for everyone. The only people who are capable of experiencing this kind of change are those seeking it.

If it is your time, you will feel it. Like a butterfly ready to emerge from its cocoon. You will experience a deep and profound desire to grow. This may manifest in many ways but regardless of its form, the sensation is unmistakable.

The following tabs explain the process of transformation conducted within my courses.


The first step to creating lasting change is to establish a strong awareness of your circumstance.

This includes a deep understanding of yourself, the world and those around you.  


Next, you will develop wisdom that enables you to shape and carve the most effective path towards your highest self.

Learning facts, philosophy and supporting beliefs to empower and catalyze your transformation. 



Before you can continue, a strong sense of acceptance must be achieved. Only through surrendering to everything that is your current self, will you be able to change and grow. 

If disowned aspects of yourself are left in the dark, they will become reprssed. As you begin your transformation, repression will manifest as craving.

Craving is the greatest barrier to growth. 


From there, you will begin to outline and specify exactly what you wish to achieve on your journey. Having a target is crucial as it enables you to direct your energy and attention towards it.

Energy and attention are the only tools we have as humans that actively shape who we become


Once your destination is established. The next thing to do is outline the path of least resistance. 

Without a map, you will soon get lost. The most specific and efficient your plan, the less likely you are to return to your former self.  


Everything prior to this point is important. But ultimately, action  is the only process that will enable you to become the person you wish to be. 

During this phase, you will tap into the power of momentum and learn to transform willpower into habit. The key to taking action is to create routines that enable you to enter deep states of flow.

A deep state of flow creates the illusion that you aren’t fighting to change – but simply existing. 


It is often difficult to hold yourself accountable for the changes you wish to create. Fortunately, this accountability becomes a walk in the park when outsourced.

By working closely in the client mentor relationship, the action you take towards your plan and goals becomes effortless. 



The greatest danger in life is not taking time to think about your journey. 

The only reason people live lives they are discontent with is because they have failed to identify the dissatisfaction. 

It’s absolutely shocking to observe what can slip through our awareness if we do not take time out to ask the important questions. 

By frequently reflecting, we can ensure that we don’t fall to mindless traps and dissatisfying loops. On the contrary, it enables us to constantly check in to ensure we are on the right track. 


The toughest aspect of self-transformation is long-term sustainability. Rather than focusing on quick fixes and rapid results. My courses have a specific focus on mindset and lifestyles shifts as oppose to the ‘4 week miracle diet’ approach. 

The sustainable approach may not feel as immediately rewarding. But in the long run it will revolutionise your life.

Why change if it’s not permanent?  

There’s a global shift in consciousness taking place on the planet right now.

Your Time Is Now.

Consciousness is evolving and paradigms are shifting at a rapid rate. The cultural and biological conditioning that has prevented us from experiencing bliss on earth is lifting. The people are waking up. 

But it’s a race against the clock.  As technology evolves at an exponential rate and we continue to destroy the very planet that hosts our existence. We are racing towards the brink. Transcend our current motives or face possible human extinction

Join the wave, transform your life, then go on to transform those around you. 

Begin Your Journey Today!