Awareness Training

Create Consciously. 

Why Awareness Training?

The problem is simple.


Everyone wants to change. To become more than they already are. To reach their full potential as an individual.
The idea of personal transformation is romantic. A glorified narrative of failure, defeat, suffering, discipline, evolution, and redemption. While this model stands as the culturally accepted path of growth. It feels fundamentally flawed. A foundation built upon fear. Fear of failure, fear of inadequacy. “If you don’t meet these standards then you deserve to feel like shit”. Feeding off the desire to escape what is. This is the evolutionary force at its most unconscious.


Awareness training is my solution to society’s obsession with change driven by fear and survival. A conscious approach to evolution. A model of personal transformation that doesn’t demand individual sacrifice. A simple process of working with what is already present within your life. Allowing a deepened understanding to give rise to effortless change.


“Effortless effort” feels like a good description. You will become someone new. Which means new behaviors and new experiences. However, there is a pivotal difference in the perception of this change. A natural change that flows seamlessly from one moment to the next. No forcing, disciplining or pushing through barriers. The path of no resistance.


It is the natural growth that emerges from Love and acceptance. Analogous to the growth witnessed in a child exposed to a source of unconditional Love. Awareness training is learning to be that source for your self.


If you are looking for a personal change or transformation where discipline and structure are optional. Then Awareness Training is the process for you.


Personal Transformation

A journey towards Joyful existence.

Healthy Body

 Witness and overcome unhealthy patterns relating to the Body, Vitality and Physical appearance.

Healthy Mind

Uncover and transcend limiting thought patterns and destructive emotional complexes.

Healthy Heart

Deeply heal the way you relate to people and the world around you. Find passion and meaning.

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About Me

Through personal journeys into the depths of suffering, I have come to discover that the most transformative force at our disposal is that of Awareness.

To be aware is to know intimately what is present in our direct experience. From moment to moment, without judgment.
My philosophy is simple. The more awareness you can create within your life, the richer your experience becomes.

For some time I have battled with the simplicity of this approach. How can something so simple, be so effective. After repeat experiences of its transformative power, I have finally surrendered. Accepting its simplicity as a part of its beauty.

After experimenting with countless methods and ideas, I have come to my own conclusion that Awareness alone is powerful enough to bring about effortless, life-altering transformation. While this seems like a large claim, this is has been my direct experience. All I wish to do is offer this experience to others.