The world of self development is dense and opinionated. It’s easy to feel lost or overwhelmed by the information overload. To combat this, Ive decided to construct a list of the 4 Fundamental skills of Self Development that have been most beneficial to me this year.

1. Self Observation

Self observation has played a leading role in my self-actualisation this year.

At it’s essence, self observation is the practice of becoming a 3rd person observer of your own life. This consists of the analysis of your actions, words, thoughts, emotions and experiences, from a purely objective standpoint.

Self Observation enables you to generate a view of yourself that is no longer clouded by emotional bias. When you begin to view your experience of reality in this light, it enables the optimisation of the aspects of it that you were blind to in the first person perspective.

Examples of this include

  • Regulating emotions that are in-conducive to what you ultimately desire.
  • Preventing unnecessary  procrastination
  • Identifying fundamental beliefs and models of the world
  • Lessening the impact of self-destructive thought stories and self talk
  • Adopting a more epistemological, pragmatic view of everything that concerns you.
  • Developing the depth and accuracy of your self awareness

2. Meditation

Meditation is probably the most prescribed eastern self development tool in the western world. I also believe it is still the most misunderstood.

Meditation has transformed my life in a multitude of ways. It deserves a place as one of the highlighted skills up for adoption to newly recruited self development enthusiasts.

I do believe however, if you truely wish to maximise the uptake of mediation benefits, you must acquire a deep understanding of it’s cultural roots and historical uses.

While meditation is a beneficial experience for any practitioner. Only those with a deeper awareness of not only its utilitarian nature, but also it’s cultural history, will truely reap all it has on offer.

Fundamental benefits – 

  • Increased empathy
  • Increased resilience
  • Decreased anxiety/depression
  • Heightened consciousness
  • Increased general awareness
  • Transition from scarcity to abundance paradigm
  • Transition from a predominant fear state , to a predominant love state.
  • Reduce the control of your primitive brain
  •  Decreased emotional reactivity
  • Increased positive intention

3. Physical activity

Cliche advice, but incredibly relevant.

Physical activity is a catalyst for all other personal development. If you can’t dedicate yourself to maintaining the flesh vehicle that shapes your experience of reality, you certainly won’t progress to less tangible methods of self actualisation.

If you are looking for ways to change the quality of your life in a significant way, physical activity is the way to go. If you are already executing on this, ramp up the intensity. Level up your game. The growth of your character is linear to your ability push through physical suffering

Fundamental benefits – 

  • Increased energy levels
  • Optimistic outlook on life
  • Enhanced general mood
  • Boosted self esteem
  • Increased longevity

4. Higher Purpose

Any action you take to benefit yourself, will always fall short of actions you take to benefit humanity. The pinnacle of human existence is contributing to the planet in some way, shape or form.

Everyone should aspire to create a legacy. Furthermore, everybody is capable of creating a legacy. This only thing stopping you, is your own limiting self beliefs.

Money, fame, popularity, material goods and even experiences fall short of the level of fulfilment you will experience form aligning with a higher purpose.

Fundamental benefits –

  • Empowered Intention
  • Clear Direction
  • Strengthened Grit
  • Increased motivation
  • Enhanced fulfilment