The post is aimed at all those who wish to excel.

Excel in what you may ask?

Anything and everything

This post contains what I believe to be the single most effective way to make rapid advancements in any area of your life. From learning to whistle, to advanced chemistry, there is no more effective way than Autodidacticism.



– a self-taught person.

Autodidacticism is the act of learning in the absence of formal schooling or a teacher of sorts. To put a name to this practice, I will use the example of Leonardo da Vinci. One of history’s most famous autodidacts. The modern autodidacts are all those who have learnt to exploit the internet, sucking it dry of it’s vast amounts of archived information. In this day and age, the majority of people that you consider to be well read, got that way through self education via the internet.

Formal education systems create curriculum and test you for your retainment of knowledge. The knowledge you acquire is determined by the quality of the teacher and your ability to listen and take notes. It is also limited by the knowledge of the institution or teacher. Autodidacticism via the internet is limitless. You have access to billions of pages of information, offering you the freedom to sift through different ideas and opinions and form a consensus on your own. It only takes a week or 2 of self education to discover that you are learning at 10x the speed of any traditional system.  

It still shocks me to think of the sheer quantity of people who are blind to the advantages the internet has offered us. With so many failing to capitalise on the competitive advantage it provides. Take a second now to fathom how the internet has every answer you could ever want. On top of that, each and every one us has 24/7 internet access in our pocket. We have already commenced the first stage of becoming cyborgs (humans with organic and mechanical body parts.). We may not have anything mechanical directly attached to our bodies, but we do have a mechanical brain in our pocket around the clock. Arguments should cease to exist, the correct answer is available at the tap of a few buttons.

Why is it then that people are still ignorant to the world we live in?

I believe it is due to 3 main reasons.

1.Lack of motivation/interest



There are 4 types of people

  1. The people who don’t care enough to become an Autodidact. These people are either content with their current capabilities, or blinded by social noise.  
  2. The people who perceive their own knowledge and capabilities to be far greater than they are. Resulting in a disinterest in further education.
  3. The people who have never been exposed to the potential of self education and are unaware of its existence.
  4. The Autodidacts

If you’re someone who wants to do great things, reach the top and change the world. I challenge you to become an autodidact. If I had my time again, I wouldn’t have done my final years of high school and certainly not university. Instead, I would have spent a quarter of the time I spent at school per day to self acquire knowledge of true value. That being said, it’s never too late to start self educating.

Before I finish up this post, I wanted to leave you with a simple guide on becoming an autodidact.

Step 1. Pick a subject the your interested in.

This subject may be anything from something as obscure as nail filing to something as complex as quantum physics. The beauty of the internet is that it’s so incredibly vast, there are very few niches that don’t have an expert. The key here is to pick something you’re passionate about. Autodidacticism is driven 100% by your own motivation. If you’re not truly interested in the topic, it won’t be long before you give up.

Step 2. Find information sources.

There are 2 kinds of information sources on the internet

  1. Experts – People with great experiences in an area
  2. Forums  – pages where people who are interested in the subject come to share and discuss their beliefs and knowledge.

A healthy balance of both will enable you to create a non-biased opinion on the subject.

Step 3.  choose your preferred medium for knowledge consumption.

On the internet there are generally 3 ways to consume information.

  1. Video/Image
  2. Written
  3. Audio

I find most people have a preference, but play around with all of them until you discover how you learn best. Some mediums are better for different situations. E.g audiobooks or podcasts are amazing for car rides.

Step 4. generate a non-bias conclusion.

This is the most important part. A lot of the information found on the internet is inaccurate or heavily opinionated. Don’t let this deter you, simply make sure you don’t believe the first thing read. Rather, read multiple viewpoints on a matter then form your own consensus.

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge – Bertrand Russell