It all starts with a little inconvenience, flipping your attitude towards the day in a slightly negative direction. This slight alteration in mood causes the following sequence of events to plummet in a downward spiral. From here the walls come crashing down and before you know it, all your goals and plans are out the window because life is shit.

Or so you think. But if you were to flush all the emotion and thoughts temporarily from your mind, you would see past the clever masquerade of a bad day.

Life ebbs and flows, we have good days and bad days, slumps and highs. Unfortunately we fall victim to the illusion that these phases, aren’t just phases. The power of emotion is it hijacks the body. Leading the mind to believe that your current circumstances are permanent.

If you were to think over past experiences, you would realise that each of these emotional hijackings is just a temporary bump in the road.  In anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks time, life will return to how it was.

Don’t get me wrong, the emotional rollercoaster is what makes life interesting. How boring would it be if we took everything for face value and never became emotionally involved in anything.

We would have no problems, but soon come to realise that problems are what make life interesting.

I do think however, that we could all benefit from a little added awareness around the ups and downs life throws at us. So that when we are jolting violently from side to side on the emotional spectrum. We can prevent ourselves from bashing into the wall. I like to think of this awareness as a safety barrier from going off the rails completely.

Next time you are experiencing one of the many downers of life. Don’t forget to remind yourself; ‘This too shall pass’ and ‘Time heals’ or simply re-read this post.

No matter what today throws at you, the sun will rise again tomorrow.