Caffeine consumption is a heavily ingrained societal norm. In fact, a large driving force behind the development of the modern world, is the delicious drink known as coffee. It is not uncommon practice, for a person to begin every day with a ‘cup of joe’, followed by frequent top ups to upkeep their caffeine levels.

While caffeine is a powerful substance, avid consumers are quick to acquire a tolerance. The benefit they once received from one cup, soon requires 3 – 4 cups to simulate a similar experience. Unfortunately, for joe average, coffee is a prerequisite to functioning normally.

I too was a coffee bandit, I ate, slept and dreamt coffee. Until I had a realisation that shifted my focus to the alarming quantities of caffeine I was consuming without batting an eyelid.

Fortunately, I was disciplined enough to pursue a much needed caffeine break. I avoided it like the plague for 2 months straight, even shying away from green tea’s or anything with trace amounts of caffeine.

Initially, I felt shit.

Caffeine has a withdrawal period, which for some can last over a week. fortunately, I was only mildly affected for a few days tops. My withdrawal consisted of frequent headaches – of which I was foreign to otherwise – Lowered energy levels, a slightly shorter temper and mild depressive symptoms.

For the first few weeks, I longed for a sip of the luscious brown nectar. However, as my energy levels returned to normal and my productivity recovered from it’s long time bond with caffeine. I began to feel less partial towards the thought of my once lust filled desire to drink coffee.

I became acutely aware of the nature of caffeine. A capitalist tool, used to promote output. I do not say this  with negative judgement, as I believe coffee Is a delicious drink and embodies an impressive culture. But nonetheless, it feeds the drive of output and slots perfectly into the materialistic, scarcity paradigm.

I write this post to offer a solution. One that taps into the power of using caffeine  to your greatest advantage, without letting it’s relentless nature consume you.

Here’s what I propose.

Humans are creatures of habit, if we successfully repeat a task frequently enough. It will get easier and more automated to execute in the future. Bearing this in mind, we can make the assumption that the people with the greatest life satisfaction and fulfilment, have habits that are conducive to that particular lifestyle – whatever it may be.

It sounds well and good, but the majority of the tasks required to create your dream lifestyle are incredibly difficult, hence why the acquisition of a desired lifestyle is a rarity in our society. This is because most people lack the willpower and discipline to frequently execute the tasks required to obtain the lifestyle they desire, therefore, failing to make those tasks habitual.

So where does coffee come in?

Like I mentioned earlier, caffeine has an incredible power to increase output and productivity. If you reduce your intake of coffee to one or 2 cups a week, you will receive peek benefits on each consumption.

If you are able to successfully identify the core habits that will lead to your desired lifestyle ( This is not difficult ). You can then use your coffee as a tool for creating consistency in the execution of those tasks, once of twice a week. Which is generally an adequate frequency for habit forming.

Caffeine is highly efficient at providing your central nervous system with the boost it requires to exert the adequate amount of energy needed to execute tasks you would normally feel mental resistance towards. This enables you to consistently execute a task – that you would normally struggle to remain consistent with – for the time span required for the activity to cross over into the habitual territory.

Once any action becomes a habit, regardless of it’s difficulty, or the mental resistance you previously felt towards it. You will be able to execute it as frequently as you wish without so much as batting an eyelid.

To put it simply, the equation looks like this.


Difficult task + Caffeine = Consistency 

Consistency + Time = Habit 

Habit’s = Lifestyle


“With enough coffee, I feel as though all things are possible. Many of them are highly unlikely, but they are possible”