I’m currently in the process of documenting 10,000 hours of consciousness work on YouTube. As of this moment, I’m focused purely on concentration meditation, sitting 6 hours a day, divided into 1 hour blocks.

Because I’m only uploading once per day to YouTube, I feel as though a lot of the nuance within my experience is being skimmed over. This is an issue for myself and anyone who may be attempting to follow along. I would like to be able to look back over my experience without the illusions that will arise from hindsight bias etc. Therefore, I will be keeping a ‘sit by sit’ log/journal on this website (and other forums ). My aim is to report back here with the subtler details of my experience. Leaving gross details and longer anecdotes for my YouTube channel.

I am currently 10 days into this process and have accumulated 44 hours of practice. Although I have missed out on the opportunity to document detailed experiences from these earlier sittings, I am not too concerned as there hasn’t been anything particularly remarkable about them, other than a gradual increase in concentration and some subtle observations outside of the practice. All the insights I have accumulated thus far have been somewhat accurately represented on YouTube.

I have decided to begin this more comprehensive documentation now because I feel I am on the verge of entering more interesting territory. These first 40 or so hours have been beneficial for establishing myself in the technique and upskilling through research. I feel as though I am now at the level of understanding where experiential wisdom will benefit me more than additional reading. I will continue my research but with less of an emphasis on it.

If you have been following my videos, heed this warning. Everything I am discussing is subjective and theoretical unless I explicitly state that what I am saying is backed by science. Therefore, a lot of the observations I am making may be scientifically inaccurate or misrepresentations of objective truth. My goal is not scientific accuracy ( Although I will maintain this where possible ), but phenomenological documentation. I urge you to view this experiment and the information it contains as a process/stepping stones of development. Each day, what I believe to be ‘true’, right’ or ‘wrong’ will change. As with all growth and change, there is nothing absolute about what I say or do. I hope you take this into account when analyzing my work. That being said, feel free to correct me on anything that you deem misinformed or a misrepresentation.

This journal/log is an opportunity to map the way for anyone who is considering delving into more immersive/intensive consciousness work, from the perspective of a beginner, rather than someone who has already attained deep insights/awakenings. It is simultaneously an opportunity for me to seek guidance from those who have walked the path already.

Feel free to ask me any questions at any time.