Very early in my life, I made a pivotal discovery. Every action, word or thought in existence, seemed an attempt to move away from suffering and towards pleasure. It struck me as odd that few people seemed willing to acknowledge this.

Some spend their entire lives following this principle with no awareness of it at all. A lack of awareness that leads to a chase that won’t alleviate suffering. While it may seem like a bitter pill to swallow. In doing so, I was able to aim my life specifically at this goal.

It soon became obvious to me that pleasure wasn’t the answer either. It was heavily tied up with suffering. Where there was one, the other would soon follow. I headed deeper into self-development & wellness, stumbling across a major existentialist shift. A series of realizations and experiences led me to see reality in a fundamentally different light. A spectrum of pleasure and suffering existed. But also a beauty that encased everything, good and bad. Finally, a way to rise above existential suffering and towards a world that was fundamentally beautiful.

Through the continued pursuit of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, moral, interpersonal growth (The list goes on), my view of the world has become increasingly rose-tinted. Not in a naive way. In a way that strikes to my core. Life skepticism is easy. From many angles, it seems fundamentally flawed. Only through the development of a direct relationship with reality itself, will the dark veil begin to lift.

Do not take any of these claims as true. You must experience this for yourself. All I am claiming is that the default way we operate in this world is not fixed. What served us once, will not continue to do so forever. The only constant in this reality is change itself. The only force that can compete with an ever-changing existence is growth.

If wellness is what you seek, then grow you must.