Dreams Of a Heart Based Paradigm

Faces and Souls blurring into one
eyes like portals, a vacuum of great magnitude
It’s pull too significant to resist
penetrating thoughts
controlled by feelings
strong intuition

Magnetised, mesmerised, sychronise
brighter lives
a smile of fire, one that warms the heart
polarities of inner peace
destined to be understood

Drawn closer our souls kiss
with more body than the physical realm
A distant stare
but not empty
more aware
abundance – plenty

Wholehearted understanding
elevated significance
universal convergence
The last dilemma

Peace flows free
songs from mourning birds
pass times eradicated
power transitions
future enlightenment

A heart based society – Free to live.



Soft rain
Pattering in the distance
A healthy heart
Exploding with love

Forget the weather
It’s time to Shine.
Something to be learned
From these dark days

In and out
Faltering Presence
A moment of truth
The only one to exist



Upon a sidewalk

Brown geometrical cobbling
The perfect representation of an unknown matrix.
Passing by, one’s and Zero’s
Their dual significance exposed.

Clear as the day, of which it was not.
Dire Importance, of which we have none.
Well not in the way that we perceive.
Unveil the truth
Switch perception
A scale so big
Short lived comprehension.

Metal structures
Brittle bones
One of the same
But a world apart.
Same wisdom
Different generation
Destruction looms
Reconstruction inevitable.

A whole part of one
False interpretation
One part of a whole
True realisation.

Hazy emmission
Fragile transition
Global admission
Problem – Solution.

To let go, is to take hold.
A billion hands
On ethereal planes.

Undisputed compassion
Love revelation,
Heightened vibration
Broken disposition
A new found mission.

Gold, pink and white, translucent light
Rough formulation
A Dark night
Cleansed disposition.

Thoughts that slip away like distant footsteps
A message that clings – Bubblegum to a cobbled sidewalk.


Above the horizon

Little houses dotted along the rolling landscape
the edge of infinity in plain sight.
A thousand piece puzzle spilt through space and time.

Short lifespans
chosen ignorance
battles with relevance.
Subconscious fear
programmed too deep.

The perfect creation
that no one can see
too glorious to behold
in it’s raw state.

Divine forms
beyond comprehension
deeper knowing
drawing us closer.

a distant light.
The universe
an augmented map.

Torn from reality
blinding truth
strings of compassion
purpose fulfilled.


A Long Breath 

A depiction of this reality
In the form of a thought
Deep inside the mind of the one and only self.

But what more is there?
Certainty dissolves, an ever sweeping wave
It’s permanence is temporary
Yet nothing seems so truthful.

I park this to the side
But it shows it’s face at every chance
Pondering, deeper
Confusion arises

Take a step back.
fill the shoes of the oblivious
A lack of certainty.
Redefined naivety
Paralysed conformity
Toxic commodity.

Questioning reality
And all it’s oddity
Far from commonality.

1 soul
8 billion lives
Individualistic divides
Moral knives.

Prominent suffering
A wrong perception?
It’s all perception
Infinite decision
An illusion of decision.

A hunt for consciousness
Invasion of the mind
A quiet space
That’s never been louder.

Smile on, Accept it
Formulate opinion
But life is just a prance
In the endless depths of time.