A rich fruity taste – Acidic, sweet and bitter… simultaneously. The perfect extraction, lathered on my tongue. Light flooding in from the giant panelled windows. A distinct aroma, thick in the air. Salt and pepper shakers with more character than anyone i’d met all week. Clean surfaces, a fuzzy atmosphere. Productivity – At an all time high.

Working from home is handy, but procrastination is not. Cleaning things that aren’t dirty, watering plants with moist soil and making food for anyone else currently in the house without them even asking for it. All those mindless tasks that give off the illusion off productivity, that seem to take precedence over the task at hand.
In reality, they are contributing to your future as much as a heroin addiction. I believe the saying goes “Are you hunting lions or field mice?”. It seems that when I work from home, the field mice take precedence. 

I’d been struggling with this home based procrastination for a while. I tried turning off the wifi, locking myself in my room, taking copious caffeine, various methods of inducing flow and while it all helped, I still felt like my output wasn’t where it could be.

Then one day it struck me. If I can’t stop myself from procrastinating at home, I’ll just have to leave.

That day, I packed my laptop, headphones and wallet and headed to the nearest coffee shop. I had never worked from anywhere but home before.
I walked in the door and before I even sat down, I knew i’d I fixed my problem. I went to the counter and ordered a short black, with the clear instructions “don’t give me the wifi password, even when I come to ask for it in 10 minutes time”. I received an odd look, followed by  an “ok….”. I sat down, flipped open my laptop and began typing. 4 hours and a few coffees later I returned to the real world. “wow, so thats what real work feels like”.

I have been making my way around coffee stores ever since. It has actually become my side hobby. Every cafe has its own unique environment, vibe and coffee blends.
Each day is a completely new experience. You really gain a deep understanding of the owners soul, as it is so clearly reflected in their pride and joy – The cafe. But best of all, my work output has never been higher.

Working from home is becoming more and more common. A study conducted in America concluded that 40% of all entrepreneurs work from home.
I wrote this post because I know first hand how hard it can be to pave your own path. When you choose to set out on an adventure that has never before been completed, there are often times where you feel stuck. In times like these, your productivity will suffer.
While there is a range of solutions I can offer you, I won’t cover any others in this post. For now, I urge you to leave the house. Go and explore the world and work as you go. There’s something refreshingly stimulating about creating in public environments. I feel as though the environment you work in has just as big of an impact on your work as your own mindset.

If in doubt, walk on out. ( not relationship advice ).