Life – The best theme park ride in the universe.

Up, down

back, forth

side to side

south to north.

black, white

Happy, sad

rich, poor

good, bad.

bored, excited

fast, slow

right, wrong

much to know.

The list goes on and on, such as life. Always switching between dual states. One minute we’re here, next minute we’re there. While all of you agree with me on this, so few of you choose to acknowledge this when its acknowledgment is needed most.

You see, humans have a tendency to believe that their circumstances are permanent. In reality, they are the exact opposite. Lucky for us, they are very much impermanent. We treat the best of times like they will continue forever, then they come to an end. The result is disappointment. On the other end of the spectrum, the darkest days. We tend to revel in these as if they will last an eternity.

Remember this – Every rainbow fades and every storm clears. That is the impermanent nature of the planet and you my friend are no exception.

So what? why should I care?


Lesson 1.

Don’t cling to things that ought not to be clung to. Don’t put your quality of life in the hands of the impermanent world. People change, time passes, experiences end. But what remains constant? Self, the observer so to speak. Find contentment in yourself and your self alone. Then, you will become immune to the impermanence of reality.

Lesson 2.

This too shall pass. On your journey to creating self satisfaction you will encounter many dark days. Some a light grey, while others like a black storm cloud has surrounded you, polluting your very existence. It is days like these, where rationality seems to sneak out the back door. Cynicism, self doubt, anger, sadness and pain takes it’s place. Those days where everything you’ve build seems to crumble around you. Where everyone and everything hates you, and on top of that you reciprocate it.

It is days like these where we need impermanence tattooed on our forearm, a constant reminder. But maybe that’s too ironic, and the very nature of a tattoo would be enough to shoot through the attempts to see the impermanence of the current situation. We are after all, very volatile in such dark instances. I’m getting sidetracked, what I’m trying to say is, the ultimate cure for your darkest days is to identify their impermanence. Say it out loud if you have to.

“This too shall pass”

Time: Nature’s band-aid.