You’re ugly.

You’re not good enough.

you could never be like them.

They were born with capabilities far greater than yours.

You’re genetics are inferior.

sound familiar?

Yes, those are the words of the voice in your head.

But why?


Because we are our own worst critic. Your inner critic might sing a different song but that doesn’t change the fact that it exists. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, no one will ever be as harsh on you, as you are on yourself. Even the people deeply sheltered by ego are often the ones battling an inner Goliath.

The biggest battle you will ever face is the one against yourself. Everything you ever aspire to be, achieve, obtain, create and become will require overcoming the voice of reason in your head.

I call it the voice of reason because that it’s masquerade. It’s true identity is the voice of bullshit. The voice of mediocrity, the voice of fear, the voice of social conditioning. Because thats all it is; the unconscious mind that has been told that it can’t, more than it was told it can.

The most important thing for you to learn is that all the limitations that exist in your life are of your own creation. It’s so easy to fall victim to the illusion of circumstance and external factors. But those aren’t truely whats holding you back from whatever it is your ultimately desire to become. The only thing that keeps you in your little bubble of helplessness is your own mind. Every successful person went to war with the voice of bullshit and won.

The mind is such an incredibly powerful resource. Unfortunately this works both ways. When the mind is tamed and utilised, you become capable of things you could once only dream of. But when you play victim to the social conditioning of the unconscious mind you will inevitably fall complacent or worse, be defeated.

I want you to take a minute now to let this sink in. In fact, write it down and read it every day.

The biggest block to my success – however I define it – is the critic in my head. 

Only once you choose to wage war on your inner critic, will you begin the journey to your full potential. It’s a long and slow process but heres what you need to do…

1. Reprogram The Unconscious Mind.


Write a positive sentence that reinforces the opposite of your insecurities and repeat it every single day – this is also known as an affirmation. An example of this could be. ” I am capable of whatever I set my mind to”. There is no limit to how many affirmations you create or how long they can be.

Their purpose is to begin to undo the damage that society has inflicted on your unconscious mind and reprogram the automatic critical thoughts into positive affirming ones.

2. Strengthen Your Awareness Of Your Inner Critic.


The best way to overcome the voice of bullshit is to become aware aware of it. Begin to pay attention to your thoughts and when it arises, call it out. Literally say out loud “oh look theres my inner critic again”.

Observe it and learn the patterns it follows. When does it commonly arise? what are your pain points?

Feel free to journal on this as writing things down helps to solidify your understanding and raises your awareness.

3. Practice mindfulness – Observe The Present With Your Conscious Mind.


Your unconscious negativity is only at play when you aren’t embodying the present moment. When the voice of bullshit rises, you can shut it off by becoming intensely present.

To engage intense presence, feel into your 5 senses. What can you see? what can you smell? what can you hear, taste and feel? Your conscious mind doesn’t want to destroy you. It knows all to well that the unconscious mind is full of lies and condescending habit patterns.

Seek refuge in the present moment, for it is there and only there that you are safe from self judgement and criticism. Past mistakes and future anxieties have no power when we are mindful.