The importance of our action lies not in what we must do, but what we feel is right.

Life is speeding up. Not just the perception of time, but all the processes encapsulated by it. Instant messaging, delivery services, products to your doorstep at the press of a button.

While our reach expands, our movement shrinks.

Instant gratification is no longer what it claims. Instant implies that there is a reality where the gratification may be slower to obtain. While this was true 5 years ago. Instant gratification is now the status quo, rendering it ‘normal gratification’. Taking its place is ‘long term gratification’. The buzz word for those who actually give a fuck about the looming self destruction of our species.

In times gone by, speed has been the mechanism for escaping uncertainty. The acceleration of processes enabled our liberation from the grasps of scarcity. Fast forward to now, the very thing that we claim has saved us, is now dragging us to our grave – as usual. Considering we are the smartest species on the planet, it is sad to see how often we repeat our own mistakes. It seems as though ‘balance’ has no place in human psyche.

The detriment of speed comes from the loss of observation it causes. The faster we move, the less time we have for reflection and deep introspection. These two skills enable us to make true growth as a species. Not this false growth seen as a by-product of speed.

Just because we have more in the material sense, doesn’t mean our lives are any richer. Continuing to live with the illusion that the rapid growth we are experiencing is conducive to a brighter future, will ensure our spot on the rollercoaster headed to imminent doom.

Here’s what I plan to do.

While the world speeds up, honing processes and solidifying structure. I plan to slow down, becoming more fluid. I say death to the mechanical society and all its stale ideals because I know first hand how the world transforms when I rest easy in the moment.

Illusions of fear, want and scarcity disappear. The mind quietens and the body heals. The voice of intuition comes pattering home with more answers in the space of 5 minutes than haste has given me in 20 years.

It’s time to transition. The machine paradigm will take us to our graves sooner than anyone can fathom. Start with the breath. Slow inhalation, calm exhalation. Take this moment to understand and appreciate that all your suffering is a product of the need for speed.

All we really want as human beings is to be loved and accepted. This need manifests in thousands of ways across races and cultures. It is time to dispel the bullshit. No goal or achievement you move towards will ever quench this need. For it is this movement that creates the illusion of ‘need’ in the first place.

The faster you move towards your desires, the bigger they become and the blinder you will be. Love and acceptance exist wholeheartedly within each moment. It is the neglecting of the present moment through the need for haste that prevents us from seeing this truth.

Every fear and every need can be overcome with observation. Pay acute attention to these sensations as they arise. What physical sensations do they create in the body?

These sensations are the ones making us wriggle. If we wriggle enough, we begin to move. Faster and faster, till life becomes a blur and we forget why we started. Your need for a new car, literally feels like something within your body. Paying attention to these sensations will soon free you from them. Enabling you to slow down and enter flow.

Do not misunderstand me. I am not suggesting you sit on a rock in the middle of a forest till your hair turns grey. That would be just as naive as rushing towards the ‘next thing’. What I am suggesting, is that you slow down. Take action from a place of fulfilment. Fulfilment knows no rush, only compassion and creativity. Observe and reflect to ensure that those hidden motives do not return.

Do not obsess over structure. The only structure you need is preprogrammed into the knowledge of the heart (Neuroscience can now prove brain-like structures exist within the heart). We must begin to feel, more than we think. Our feelings and sensations have more value than any thought. The wisdom of the body is not blinded by the constructs of society, unlike the mind.