I just finished watching season 9 of the office. I don’t watch t.v series very regularly these days as It saps away so much time. However, I saw a clip from The Office on Facebook, that I found absolutely hilarious. Feeling as though I was in need of a break and a laugh, I decided to watch the latest season.

I won’t go into detail about the plot, but this excerpt from another blog explains it perfectly.

 For those still unfamiliar, The Office is a television program that documents the lives of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Scranton, PA branch employees. The show is an adaptation of the British program of the same name.

Both shows are presented in “documentary format,” meaning the reality within The Office is that the characters are being followed by a crew of filmmakers. Thus, the characters speak to the camera in “confessionals,” “notice” the camera during embarrassing moments, respond to events around them by glancing at the camera as a “witness,” evade the camera crew for privacy, and, at least once, employ the crew as spies. (1)

In the last episode of the last season, the documentary that had been filmed over the last 12 years was finally released to the public. Upon watching the series themselves( in character), most of the characters felt massive nostalgia. They came to the conclusion that they didn’t realise how great the last decade of their lives had been until they were able to relive it on the t.v screen. This was all part of the script of course, but the message is a powerful one.

This hit home for me. I frequently reminisce past experiences and revel in the happiness I associate with those times. It seems common for humans not to appreciate something to its full magnitude until its gone. I have discovered if you take a moment every now and then, to truely analyse the current state of your life circumstances, they really are quite pleasant. Even if it doesn’t feel like it on the surface.

We constantly fall victim to the belief that tomorrow will be better, just to arrive and discover we miss yesterday.

By constantly checking yourself, you will soon see that every moment is a great moment and that waiting till each moment has past to realise it’s beauty is a tragedy. You may argue that you feel like shit, and have done for sometime. That may be so, but realise this.

You feeling shit is not a result of your current circumstances, but merely a representation of your perception of your current circumstances. My advice is to frequently set aside small blocks of time to ponder the complexity of life. You will soon discover that the reason your circumstances appear shit, is because your perspective is too narrow. Look further, deeper and wider. All your hatred will melt into awe.

“You feeling shit is not a result of your current circumstances, but merely a representation of your perception of your current circumstances”

Your current experience is so fucking significant. We are a species on a rock floating in an infinite universe. We have no idea why we are here, how we got here, or what we are for. We are so significant that we can’t comprehend it and because of this we filter it out. Choosing to focus on the small things rather than the big picture. Those niggly things that cause the dissatisfaction with the present moment.

Breath deeper, Look bigger.

These are great days…



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