I headed for my usual spot in the far corner of the cafe, exchanging smiles with the staff as I passed. This was the extent of my interaction with them every Saturday, apart from a few mumbled words at the counter “medium latte please”. The usual staff member walked towards me with my order. However today I noticed something different about her. She was wearing a name tag. As she handed me my coffee, I said “thank you, Aimee” A big smile plastered itself across her face and she dismissed herself with a skip in her step.

I remember not so long ago reading about the power of using someone’s name. However, until this very moment, I had taken it for granted. For weeks after, I continued to test this concept and time and time again, it had the same positive effect.

Calling someone by their first name, particularly someone you aren’t close with has a powerful effect on how they feel towards you. By using someone’s name, the interaction you share becomes a lot more personal. This is especially true when the person you are talking may believe you don’t even know their name.

It’s easy to deny, but everyone loves hearing their own name. To hear it from someone you have just met strokes the ego in a comforting way. It provides a feeling of acceptance that can be gifted no other way. As if they have some sort of appreciation for you.

If you want to make someone like you, the simplest thing to do is use their name. Not a nickname, but their full first name. Don’t be stingy with it, but don’t use it with every sentence or it will get weird.

Try this with the next person you meet and watch the magic unfold.