Worrynoun. The state of being anxious and troubled over actual or potential problems.

Worrying Is one of the most destructive states to the present moment. It sucks you out of the calm serenity of the now, and into the uncertainty of the future. It’s pain is inflicted through the idea of a potentially undesired occurrence, in the near or distant future. It’s the little thought that seeps through your mind, no matter how hard you try to exile it. It is responsible for a large percentage of the dissatisfaction we experience on a day to day basis.

So what is this miracle solution I have on offer?

Well it’s not particularly a solution as such, but more of a philosophical understanding that has the potential to liberate the mind and soul from worry.

You see, there are states of consciousness, predominantly under the influence of psychedelic substances. Where one has the epiphany of the superficial existence of society. This is not to say psychedelics are a necessary component to this discovery. However, for some it the driving force required to shatter their pre-existing conditioning and misperceptions of reality. This revelation can be explored in sobriety, through deep levels of contemplation. Unfortunately it will never have the same impact as discovering this through psychedelics.

Let me use an analogy; pondering this concept in a sober state is like jumping into a pool from the highest diving-board. While discovering this concept through the use of psychedelics is like plummeting from space into the Atlantic ocean. Except you survive. Both profound experiences, but not comparable by any stretch.

Anyway that’s enough rambling. Let me elaborate on “the superficial existence of society”.

Upon being born, you are a biological creature that has an awareness of its own consciousness. If you were born into a planet where you were the only perceivable life form. You certainly wouldn’t go to work, have christmas dinners, experience different days of the week, have a measurement for time or masturbate. Well we probably would still masturbate, but that’s besides the point. A large majority of what we deem reality, was actually a construct of our species. Designed to give us purpose and a system to follow so that we weren’t just walking around trying eat, sleep, and fuck.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying society was created completely wrong. Many aspects of it are incredibly beneficial to our species. Some, not so much. What I am saying however, is that we created it. It is in your best interest to conform to some of societies blueprints, but not all. Because we created it, it means that it is possible to live outside of it in certain instances. Instances that are creating worry and anxiety.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, is a fairly accurate representation of what we need as human beings. But the methods we use to meet these needs is where we fall victim to illusions that create worry. Much of our worry and pain is derived from our far from optimal attempts to obtain the above.


– The worry and stress created by the chase of money.

Yes you need money to survive, but acquiring any more money than what is required for survival, isn’t deemed a need and therefor won’t benefit your lasting happiness. You could reduce your stress and worry by working a job that pays less but doesn’t cause as much stress and worry. In this scenario you are trading the ability to buy additional material goods for a reduction of stress and anxiety. In a world without a pre-constructed society this trade would be a no brainer. However, because our society is so heavily influenced by material goods, many people would refuse to make this lifestyle change.

-The stress created by immoral behaviour.

Much of our worry stems from the antisocial or immoral behaviour of other people in our lives. While moral behaviour benefits our society, there will always be people who perform antisocial acts. Some on a large scale, like murder, rape and robbery. Others on a smaller scale, like hatred, bullying and littering etc. Yes these acts create disfunction in our communities, however the worry that is created as byproduct has no service. If you can appreciate that the rules we live by are simply another one of our creations, then antisocial acts will cease to worry you.

-The stress created by the ego and identify with self.

Being controlled by our ego and clinging too tightly to idea of self is the root cause of all worry. As a child you cause the least harm to yourself and others because it is the only time in our life where the concept of self is still developing. A child’s essence is selfless. The older we get, the more we begin to cling to our identity, this idea of self. As a result everything that impacts us, does so with more and more force. For the lucky few, they have an experience of the superficial existence of society. Along with that experience comes the realisation that self is part of that superficial existence. From that moment onwards, you are granted the ability to slowly withdrawn from the strong self identification because you see it for what it truly is, an illusion.

The above example is a complex concept. To try and simplify it i will say this. The more you reside in the material world, the more pain and suffering you will experience. Even if it’s on a subconscious level, because the ego is a master of masquerading dissatisfaction. The more selfless and compassionate you become, the closer you will get to liberation from all suffering and anxiety.