Brown geometrical cobbling
The perfect representation of an unknown matrix.
Passing by, one’s and Zero’s
Their dual significance exposed.

Clear as the day, of which it was not.
Dire Importance, of which we have none.
Well not in the way that we perceive.
Unveil the truth
Switch perception
A scale so big
Short lived comprehension.

Metal structures
Brittle bones
One of the same
But a world apart.
Same wisdom
Different generation
Destruction looms
Reconstruction inevitable.

A whole part of one
False interpretation
One part of a whole
True realisation.

Hazy emmission
Fragile transition
Global admission
Problem – Solution.

To let go, is to take hold.
A billion hands
On ethereal planes.

Undisputed compassion
Love revelation,
Heightened vibration
Broken disposition
A new found mission.

Gold, pink and white, translucent light
Rough formulation
A Dark night
Cleansed disposition.

Thoughts that slip away like distant footsteps
A message that clings – Bubblegum to a cobbled sidewalk.